Friday, April 13, 2012

First Grade Finale!

 WOW! My sweet Brady completed all his 1st grade stuff! We began the week after July 4, 2011 & finished up The first week of April 2012 even with all the breaks we needed to take due to my unexpected call into the Pro-Life Ministry, speaking engagements, traveling, sickness & anything else that came up. I must admit though, it wasn't hard with him, he's naturally smart! We've only been done 2 weeks & he's begging to start up his 2nd grade curriculum!

Here are some pictures I snapped throughout the year of him learning. I try to incorporate different learning styles & ideas as much as possible & always keep learning fun! Some of Brady's favorite things this year were the dinosaur dig, our nature hunts, trying astronaut food, learning to read his Beginner's Bible, & all the fun play dates at the Resource Center.
 Above: Working on a Holiday/Calendar cut & paste activity & space vocabulary.
Below: Double-digit addition & teaching Rylan the difference between P & p.

 Above: Reading a book about time & practicing with his clock & doing learning games on his ClickStart.
Below: Sight word practice in salt & the dino dig.

Above: Spelling words with alphabet Cheezits & his artwork for a co-op class.
Below: Cut & paste nouns & using manipulatives for place value.

Above: Our backyard campout & our science experiment on dissolving bones.
Below: Swinging at the Pumpkin Patch & cheesing with his pumpkin. 

 Above: Dressed in his Native American gear & as Luigi as he does his writing practice.
Below: Reading his first chapter book & super excited he finished his 1st grade reading curriculum. He's a GREAT reader!

 I couldn't be more proud of Brady! I'm very blessed to have him as my son! He's very kind & loving to others, he loves to read his Bible & sing to Jesus, he's an amazing big brother, I could seriously go on & on! I am excited to see what 2nd grade brings us!


  1. Girl you are an AWESOME mommy, and homeschool teacher! You need to train me for sure!!! I'm going to looking through your stuff as we begin 1st grade in the fall! GREAT JOB to you all!!!!

    1. Thank you, but I assure you I get a lot of help from trial & error :) And reading other homeschool momma's blogs. I just try to kept it fun when I can so they'll enjoy it & I make sure I am enjoying it too. Some days are great, some days are horrible, but most days are just simply good :)

  2. How exciting! It looks like first grade was full of all kinds of great fun. Thanks for sharing. Here from the hop.

  3. Congratulations on another year down! Visiting from HHH.