Thursday, March 22, 2012


I know! I know! I'm SO late! lol :) That has been my theme lately, unfortunately! But here we go :)

I love Dr. Seuss! Though some of his books tend to run too long for me, I adore his whimsical imagination nonetheless! I love that my boys love his books too! We have a lot already, but checked out some others because I wanted to read as many as we possibly could & do as many fun activities as we possibly could! Regretfully, we didn't get to read & do all I had hoped, but we did have a Seusstacular week anyway! 

Now don't start hating, but I can't remember where I got all of our printables from! I did buy a cute pack from Mama's Little Monkeys for $1 & I went to Teacher Pay Teachers & searched for FREE printables. I really love that site! There are so many creative teachers out there!!

As you can see Rylan had a blast with all of his Seuss stuff & I forgot to get pics of Brady working on some of his. I didn't find a whole lot for 1st grade that I was willing to buy, but I did print some free stuff from that included language & reading work as well as some math, all with Dr. Suess themes!

One day for lunch I made the boys sandwiches from this fish shaped bread (they really did't like it though;P) & of course Goldfish crackers. I read One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish to them while they ate then I let them watch the Cat in the Hat cartoon that comes on PBS.

We used their hands to make Things 1 & 2 which I thought turned out super cute!! I loved it because I always call Brady & Rylan Thing 1 & Thing 2.

On Friday, Dr. Seuss's actual birthday, we went to the Resource Center for a party celebrating the man himself! They made Green Eggs & Ham, listened to stories, played games & did a few crafts. The ladies who work at the Resource Center each dressed up as a different Dr. Seuss character. We love them! They always come up with the cutest stuff for the kids!


  1. I love what you did with lunch! What a great idea!

    We love Dr. Seuss too. Do your boys have any favorites? Mine really like Sneetches, McGullicudy's (sp?) Pond and the Bartholomew Cubbins books.

    1. The Cat in the Hat & the Cat & the Hat Comes Back are their current tends to change :)