Wednesday, April 25, 2012

What's In The Box Wednesday

Well Brady has hit day 3 of 2nd grade & has realized how much more work it is. He hasn't changed his mind about starting up again so quickly, but he is pestering me to teach him Spanish :) 

He is still doing workboxes, but we are tinkering with our schedule since I have to devote more time to Rylan for preschool. So as of right now, Brady starts his boxes in the morning while I work one on one with Ry. Then after lunch while Keller naps & Ry has computer/play time, I work one on one with Brady. I'm still tinkering with our new schedule so time will only tell! 

Box 1: Write a sentence for each spelling word. (10 in all)

Box 2: Use the Do-A-Dot markers to count by 2s & 5s.

Box 3: Proper noun worksheet. (copier messed up :P)

 Box 4: Review sight words.

Box 5: SNACK

 Box 6: Copy weather vocabulary definitions into science folder.

Box 7: Reread HOP book The Best Grandma Ever.

Box 8: Trace Bible verse & color picture. (2 Teaching Mommies)

Box 9: Addition review.

Box 10: Play time on the iPod.

I'll let you  know how it goes next Wednesday! :)

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