Friday, April 20, 2012

ARGH!!! Pirates Ahoy!!!

(May 2011)

I just came across this post on oceans & pirates that I never finished from LAST YEAR!! Better late than never right? :) So please forgive  the choppiness of this post.

We checked out a fun learning box from the Resource Center that included pretend ocean animals, seashells, stamp art supplies & other items to help the boys learn all about the ocean. We are actually going to check this box out again soon, so I'll go into more detail then.

My boys have been in love with pirates for quite sometime now. So of course I had to find as much learning stuff as I could that was based around the pirate theme. All of the printable stuff you see came from HomeSchool Creations & Making Learning Fun.

I printed off pirate themed letters from Homeschool Creations & Brady had to line them up in order the match the lower case letters to the capital letters & he also traced the letters with a dry erase marker. Below, he had to read the color words on his worksheet & match the correct color fish to it.

Rylan practiced counting to five with the help of a cute tot-book from 1+1+1=1.

I found the cute printables below at  Brady cut & pasted pictures to their rhyming word in the treasure chest. He also counted Cheerios & the big boys glued them on to represent the suction cups. As you can tell Rylan ate more Cheerios than he glued :)

One day the boys went on a pretend treasure hunt in the back yard & when they came inside for snack they found their treasure right where X marked the spot! One of their favorite snacks is popcorn with M & Ms & Skittles. They enjoyed their snack while they watched Veggie Tales: The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything.


For some letter P fun, Rylan used his Do A Dot Marker for this cute printable I got from Making Learning Fun & Brady made a parrot from the letter P. After all, what's a pirate without a parrot?!

Brady read a children's pop-up book to Keller called "I'm a Pirate" & Rylan "read" his pirate book to our dog Fred :) They're BFFS!! Unfortunately I cannot remember the name of this book. Sorry for the fuzziness, I took these pics with my phone.

We will be learning about oceans again in the next couple of months & I'm sure they'll request more pirate stuff as well so please come back to check that out!!.

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