Monday, October 10, 2011


For the last five years all the guys on my husband's side of the family have done a camping/jug fishing trip. When our boys & nephews each get old enough they get to go too. This summer was Rylan's 1st time to go & ever since then he has been asking to go camping again. When I saw that 2 Teaching Mommies & Homeschool Creations had Camping Theme printables I KNEW we HAD to do them!

Finding books for our camping theme was a bit hard. We were able to find 3 books & I found a few short stories from Teachers Pay Teachers that we were able to use too.
Here's Rylan chilling in Keller's bouncy seat reading his favorite book :)

One of the BEST things about camping is roasting marshmallows! Brady used mini ones for his roll-a-graph & as counters while doing his math worksheets. The boys also used them for a measuring activity I found on Teachers Pay Teachers; though Rylan ate more than he measured :)

Another fun food activity Rylan did was fishing for M&Ms! I printed it off of Making Learning Fun & he had to match the color of the M&Ms to the correct color fish. Of course he rushed through this so he could gobble them up!

We used the counting/number cards from the preschool packs with clothespins. I wrote #s 1-10 on clothespins & Rylan has to count how many items are on each card. Then I show him what the # looks like & he has to find the right clothespin & clip it to the card. He does get a bit frustrated sometimes when he cant open them well. I am hoping this will really help him with his scissor skills cause he's not liking that too much either...well when I make him hold the scissors the correct way :P

For writing practice Rylan did his usual Do-A-Dot page, this time a tent, & practiced writing the Letter F for FIRE! We even made a pretend camp fire that you can check out in the 1st picture up above. Rylan also practiced tracing lines "bringing the campers to their tent." I forgot to take a picture of it though! Brady used one of the printables to practice his Beginning Sounds & practiced his printing by writing & spelling many camp-themed words.

This week Brady also worked on putting words in ABC order & practicing compound words. We had really cute camp-themed printables for these activities, but apparently I deleted the pics! WHOOPS! Sorry! I got them from Teachers Pay Teachers so go over there & search "camping" to see all the cute stuff they have.

I found this cute shape matching game from Making Learning Fun. Rylan had to tell me the names of shapes he knew (some were pretty tough) then match the flame to the correct camp fire.

Brady also worked on reading his shape words. I found this at Homeschool Creations.He also practiced reading his number words 1-20 by matching the oar to the correct canoe. (from Teachers Pay Teachers)

Here's Rylan working on size sorting & shadow matching. He absolutely LOVES shadow matching because of watching Peter Pan chase his shadow. It makes me laugh at how things travel over for some kids & makes them likes things better...or worse sometime :)

Our original plan was to take the boys camping Friday night, but we all ended up getting pretty bad colds during the week & we didn't want to chance it. So I set up the boys tent in the school room & they slept in it EVERY SINGLE NIGHT during the week! (pictured at the beginning of post). Friday we were all feeling much better so we built our own campfire in the backyard & roasted hot dogs for dinner!

And lets face it, camping wouldn't be camping without SMORES!!!

Keller LOVED marshmallows & graham crackers! After he finished eating them he would smack his lips asking for more!

This week was more relaxed due to sickness, but I figured that's what camping should do anyway right? Relax you. The kids loved reading, playing, & sleeping in their tent inside & we have decided to keep it up in the playroom next to the book shelf & now the boys call it their Reading Tent :)

We definitely made some fun family memories with our backyard camp out dinner! Doing a theme each week really makes me think outside the box & helps us do such fun things we might not of done without a theme leading us that way.

I pray you all have a blessed week!


  1. Yes, camping is suppose to relax you! I bet this week of camping activities will held just as dear memories as the real camping trip. And I love that your boys now call the tent the reading tent!

    1. Thank you!! I'm hoping to take them camping for REAL soon!!!

  2. Oh neat! My kids would LOVE this theme! We have so got to do this!

  3. What a great camping experience! I love the bonfire! And the smores........yum....Our idea at camping at our house is to let the kids sleep in a tent in the homeschool room and make smores in the oven. How sad is that? But they love it and it makes memories all the same!

  4. Hi, hopping by from the Hop! :-)

    Those activities look like so much fun! Great idea to make a weekly theme of it!

    My 3 oldest are boys, and anything involving marshmallows and M&M's is pretty popular over here, too (and they are learning, right??! LOL). I'll bet they loved that campfire. My boys are always begging to do one over here, too! We did s'mores in the oven last night, so this is really fun to read. I think fun family memories is one of the best parts of homeschooling.

    Thanks for sharing your post!

    1. I totally agree about the fun family memories!! Do you have a blog?

  5. How cute! Now you're ready for a local camping trip with the boys! We've camped for a while...before getting our pop-up, I went tent camping (WITH NO DH or OTHER ADULT) with a 6 yo, 3 yo and infant. Fun stuff! LOL

    1. You are my hero for doing that alone!!! :) My husband & all the guys in his family do an overnight fishing/camping trip on the river each summer & my big boys LOVE it!! I'm hoping to do a tent camping trip as a family soon!

  6. How much fun. I've had grand plans to camp in the backyard with the boys, but we are having a serious black widow infestation over here and I can't bring myself to do it. We might have to settle for family room camping. I know my three boys would LOVE that! :)