Monday, February 20, 2012


 My boys LOVE robots so I knew as soon as I saw Homeschool Creations' Robot pack we would have to do it! It worked out really well in lining up with Brady's spelling words too! In her pack she has traceable pages for color words, which my oldest had just begun learning to spell. So while he worked on those, my 3 year old practiced his own writing skills.
 Rylan used these different sized robots for all sorts of things! He sorted them by size & color, counted them & played pretend with them a lot!
 He practiced his shapes & colors too. My oldest really enjoyed the Roll & Gragh printable, but of course I didn't get pictures of it & the other cute printables we did from Jolanthe's pack. Be sure to click on the link above to see all of the fun stuff she has!
We used this Do-A-Dot printable from Confessions of a Homeschooler.
 Of course there was a LOT of robot play & creation too! I saved this lil robot toy from a Sonic kid's meal a while back. The boys had fun putting the different pieces on him & winding him up to walk around.

They used different shapes, small wooden sticks, & stickers to create their own robot pictures.

I checked out this cute building set from our Resource Center & the boys spent hours building & rebuilding robots! They were quite upset when we had to take it back, but I promised them we would check it out again!

I completely forgot to take a picture of the fun robot books we checked out from our library! My bad! They also got to watch Wall-E & The Backyardigan's Robot Rampage to tie into the fun of our robot week! I'm sure this will be topic we come back to in the near future because they absolutely loved it!

Hope you all have a greatly blessed week!

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