Monday, January 14, 2013

Hey Friends! An update on us & curriculum

It's been WAY too long since I've checked it! If you have read my last few posts you know this school year hasn't gone as planned, but God's grace is sufficient & just what we need! On October 31 we found out we are pregnant with baby #4!!! Which meant 2 months of HORRIBLE sickness, not morning sickness...hyperemesis! YUCK! But praise the Lord it has passed & I am now in my 2nd trimester & we are back to normal life! Well normal for us :)

We weren't able to to do any school due to the severity of my sickness, but now we are back & on a roll! Before my blog hiatus I didn't get around to posting some of the fun stuff we had been doing so keep your eyes open & ready for those posts!

Brady is doing well in 2nd grade & I have updated & made a few changed in his curriculum. He is using Horizons for spelling & its going great! The various worksheets come in handy for him to practice each day & that has helped me out tremendously! We got behind with MFW but are picking it back up & adding Road Trip USA from Confessions of a Homeschooler soon! Brady has loved learning about the USA & asks lots of questions about all the different states, so instead of using the net level of MFW net year we will continue to do Road Trip USA & dedicate one week for each of the 50 states including Washington DC for a total of 51 weeks so we are looking at a full year of US Geography. Of course we will take breaks in our school year, but since we homeschool it doesn't matter if we finish in the middle of the school year or not. Both Brady & I are VERY excited about this!

He is also doing Singapore math & we really like it a lot. Before we get back to using it again we are taking a few weeks to relearn our addition & subtraction facts before we move on to harder stuff. I want to be sure Brady is ready to move on with a good foundation in place! Brady completed he's reading program from Hooked On Phonics so now we are just reading for fun & doing various worksheets we copy from the Resource Center on specific skills. As far as Bible goes, we use the Beginner's Bible & Brady reads a story from it each day & we talk about it. We also use the Bible lessons from MFW & enjoy watching What's In the Bible DVDs! For Science we go along with our MFW curriculum & do whatever seasonal things that come  up or whatever the boys decide they are interested in.

Rylan is doing great with Horizions Preschool books! The worksheets are great for him! Of course I add fun hands-on stuff & use lots of fun things from 1+1+1=1. He won't complete the workbooks for awhile since we didn't start them til recently, but when he's ready for "Kindergarten" I will also add in Raising Rock Stars Kindergarten, You Can Read & Hooked on Phonics for K.

As for Keller my lil tot, it's just intentional play! We talk about letters & count together as we read & play. He LOVES to color & do "school" when he notices his big brothers working & demands a pencil or crayon & a book or paper.

I hope you all have been doing great! If you are interested in seeing our day to day pictures of what we do you can follow me on name is MommaAsh & don't forget to check out my other blog about my Jesus Journey.