Thursday, May 3, 2012

What's In The Box Wednesday...on Thursday

Well yesterday was Wednesday, but it was quite hot & the pool at our gym was open so we skipped school & went swimming! This is just a perk of homeschooling! So today we are back in action & here Brady's workboxes for today.

Box 1: Verb worksheet

Box 2: Review new words in HOP book.

Box 3: Read through addition facts.

Box 4: Draw a picture about the weather.

Box 5: Snack

Box 6: Addition & subtraction worksheet.

Box 7: Trace each spelling word with all three markers.

Box 8: Read a HOP book.

Box 9: Write the Bible verse.

Box 10: Complete the puzzle.

Workboxes are going well for Brady! I moved them back til during nap time. Some days Rylan doesn't need a nap, so while the baby is napping, & Brady is doing workboxes, I'll let Ry play on the computer or the iPod & some days I'll do extra school stuff with him if he wants. Luckily for me today he wanted to nap! 

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