Wednesday, May 9, 2012

What's in the Box Wednesday

Today instead of having a snack box I put small pieces of candy in some boxes for Brady to eat after he completes that box. Hopefully this will go over well! Today's boxes are a bit more "loaded" than normal, but we took off a couple days last week & are playing catch up this week.

 Box 1: Write a story about tornadoes. Use the pictures in the book as inspiration.

Box 2: Linking verb worksheet.

Box 3: Manuscript handwriting practice.

Box 4: Review fact cards.

Box 5: Fill in the missing numbers on the 100 chart.

Box 6: Cut & paste language.

Box 7: Review pages in HOP workbook.

Box 8: Pronoun worksheet.

Box 9: Copy spelling words 3x each.

Box 10: Addition & subtraction worksheet.

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