Thursday, May 24, 2012

Fun @ the Children's Museum

Today we went to the Children's Museum with some friends & had a blast! I of course took a ton of pics, but I spared from looking at ALL of them & decided to just post a few from our day.

They all had a blast dancing & grooving in the music room!

 My kids love the Muppets & Rylan begged to have his picture taken with this pic! Creator Jim Henson is from Mississippi.

Brady's favorite part is the Digestive System! You enter through the mouth go down the esophagus to the stomach, run around all the intestines & slide into a toilet! How hilarious is that!? And to top it off it makes burping, gurgling, squishing, & pooting noises as they travel through!


And we ended our day with a yummy picnic!

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