Wednesday, January 11, 2012

What's In The Box Wednesday & Catching Up w/Brady

I planned a long time ago to do a weekly post on our workboxes, a la Erica at COAH, but I would forget! :) So hopefully I can start now! Today's boxes are pretty light because we went over some new things together & I ended up helping him with some stuff I had planned to put in the boxes.

Box 1: Put Bible verse cards in order & copy verse on paper. (

Box2: Make the picture with the correct tangrams.

Box 3: Math-2 digit addition

 Box 4: Listen to The Snowy Day on tape while you read along.

 Box 5: Write a sentence about your favorite part of The Snowy Day & draw a picture.

Box 6: Take a break & enjoy some Skittles!

Box 7: Types of nouns worksheet.

Box 8: Use the snowmen to make the pattern.

Box 9: Printing practice.

Box 10: Fun time on the iPhone!

Brady is doing AMAZING at 1st grade! He is almost finished with his Hooked On Phonics for 1st grade curriculum & we are just going to move straight into the 2nd grade one! He picks up very easily in math, but he is pretty sloppy with handwriting at times. He does very well with language arts & spelling too. He is an EXCELLENT learner & I would most definitely classify him as a self-learner. He is enjoys reading The Magic Treehouse Books & is constantly reading, spelling, & doing math EVERYWHERE, ALL THE TIME! The kid amazes me! I do however wish he could tie his shoes! He still has issues with this & I don't have the patience LoL! So now it's up to daddy to do it!

Brady is an amazing big brother & a great helper around the house! He is still sweet & sensitive, but I can see this silly little boy coming out of him! He definitely makes me giggle! His co-ops are going well, but I am not as happy with some as I thought I would be. You live & ya learn right?

I couldn't be more happy where Brady is as far as school stuff goes! We just began going through the Bible chronologically together so stay tuned for some of that!

Here's my cute boy doing school in his Luigi costume!

Blessings to you all!


  1. Stopping in from the HipHomeschoolHop. Looks like a busy busy learning boy! Thanks for linking up with us!