Thursday, September 27, 2012

Letting Go, Changing Plans, Moving Forward

I had the MOST awesome homeschool year planned out for my kiddos! I researched & took time to look at what they needed to learn, reviewed curriculum, borrowed books, or bought some cheaply, or didn't buy at all! I had planned to do my own math curriculum because as a former elementary teacher I know what he needs to  know by when & I'm completely confident in myself. I had found free printables & such for my preschooler online that I loved & knew I could totally put together fun ideas to teach him. It would take time to plan, print, copy, & laminate, but I knew I had the complete ability to do it all!

But then the ball dropped. Hard. then it rolled & took on the snowball effect & we got more & more off course. I've been super busy with ministry stuff & a new part time job, not mention staying home & schooling 3 boys: 7, 4, & almost 2. Time is not on my side, 24 hours doesn't do it.

I have to sleep. I need to have quiet time. I'm trying to lose weight & get healthy so we can get pregnant again. My house needs updating on paint (BADLY). I just couldn't & can't do it all. No way. No how. No matter how hard I want to & how hard I try...I just can't.

I decided to not beat myself up. I found a preschool curriculum by Horizons complete with videos, workbooks, music etc. It was a lot more than I ever planned or would normally spend! After sitting at this very computer & praying I knew I needed to take this plunge. My 2 year old could take part in some things & so cute & fun we can totally use year after year 2-5 years of age if needed! It covers everything from letter recognition, sounds, number recognition to early addition, science, character building, Bible, social studies, etc! I'll use it as fast or as slow as needed & I just cut out hours of planning, prinitng, laminating, etc etc etc!! Whoo hoo!!! YEA ME!! (Really praise Jesus for giving me this epiphany!!)

I also gave my 7 year old a placement test & decided on using Singapore Math because of the higher order thinking skills it uses. I really liked Horizons spiral plan, but the reviews & thinking skills Singapore would teach him won me over. Again I just shaved off hour of all the planning I would've had to do.

The best part about all of this? No it's not really the time saving factor, it's that I don't feel guilt or failure for having to change my plans & let go of this "dream" I had. That is the power of Christ in me. Helping me, nurturing me, & reminding me that in Him there is NO condemnation & just because all these other homeschool mommas can seemingly "do it all" it is perfectly ok that I can't. I can take an easier road, press on & move forward.

I will still add in fun themes here & there as time allows, but in this season, this momma needs a break!

I still have blogs to write on our Letter F & H & about my 2nd grader's journey so far this year. We have had lots of fun & I'm excited to share it all with you whenever I can!

Many blessings to you all!!

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