Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Prayers Needed for Momma

This summer has not gone as planned to say the least! Sickness has overwhelmed us & for the last 3 weeks its been me :( I was diagnosed with strep July 11 & since then I haven't been fully well. My glands all over my body will randomly swell up & I think the antibiotic has had some side effects with other areas of my body if you catch what I'm saying....if you don't...well I'm far too modest & embarrassed to go into detail so just pray for me any way ;P

Some days I feel normal, then the next day I'm completely wiped out. Some days my glands are normal, then others they are swollen & today is one of those days :( My throat is killing me & my ears are stinging. I have an appointment later today to have some tests done to see if they can tell what the deal is & why I can's just get well.

Please pray for me! I just want healing in Jesus Name! I haven't had the energy to school in a week & its been tough to say the least. I appreciate your prayers & will give you an update as soon as I can!

Blessings to you all!


  1. It is SO hard to be a mama when you're sick :( We'll be praying that you get to feeling 100% again soon!

    You mentioned being curious about the MFW K printables. They are at this link:

    Use the password (hazell) to open any files that require a password.

  2. Hi! I am stopping by from the MFW Blogroll and co-hosting the My Father's World Homeschool Highlights this school year with Monica @ DiscoverTheirGifts. This is where MFW families connect weekly, or as often as you like, to share what we are doing in our schools. The first one is September 8, the info is on my blog. I hope you join us!


    ps: I hope that you are feeling better!! I pray that you are and have a wonderful school year!