Wednesday, October 19, 2011

What's In The Box?

I finally began using our workboxes & I must say I LOVE them!! It has helped Brady work more independently so I can work with Rylan, tend to Keller, or clean. If he gets stuck on anything he can come & ask me, but for the most part he knows he has to try & figure it out on his own. The boxes are full of things he's familiar with so he knows how to do them already without further instruction. Before he begins them I go over each one briefly to make sure he knows what's expected of him.

Here is how our 1st run at workboxes went:

Box 1: Brady's new list of spelling words. He had to say the word then write it 3x.

Box 2: Read the book as he listens along to the tape. I have a tape player set up beside his desk so it's easy for him to use.

Box 3: Math sheet with counters (if needed).

Box 4: Roll A Graph (from Fall Fun Pack at Homeschool Creations).

Box 5: SNACK!!

Box 6: Practice sight words.

Box 7: Practice sound cards for blends.

Box 8: Read words on marked pages. These are words we've already gone over before.

Box 9: Count by 5s & use Do A Dot markers to decorate the fall tree.

Box 10: Cut out pictures & paste them under noun or verb.

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  1. I just want to say you are the most organized home-school mom I've ever met. I only wish I could be this organized. You inspire me!