Friday, September 9, 2011

Fruits of the Spirit & Nutrition

As the boys continued to study about their bodies they learned the importance of good nutrition. They learned about the Food Pyramid & the different types of food groups. They used pretend food to sort into their correct food groups

They played with small puzzles to find out how we get some of our foods. For example, cows make milk which we use to make ice cream; tomatoes come from a vine & we use them to make ketchup, etc.

I divided their pretend food into their food groups around the dining room table, gave them mini-shopping baskets & shopping lists with pictures of food to use to go shopping. They had to get all the foods on their lists then tell me which food group they belonged to.

They learned the importance of eating fruits & vegetables & how carrots are good for their eyes, blueberries are good for their memory, etc. Today I told Brady he needed to pay attention to his co-op teacher & remember what she teaches him so he can tell me about it when he gets home. He informed me we didn't have any blueberries to eat so he probably wouldn't be able to remember :)

The boys used fruit counters to practice sorting colors & sorting them by what kind of fruit they were & Brady used them to help with his math.

And of course we wrapped up our study on the fruit of the Spirit. We discussed each one & what they meant & how we can show them to others in how we act & behave.

We also did Fruit of the Spirit activities from Christian Preschool Printables. Definitely check them out! They have some fun & cute ideas for all things Jesus & the Bible!!

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